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Planning to develop a manufactured housing project? Will it be a small lot subdivision, rental park, condo, seniors or family project? Issues that need to be clarified prior to completing a land purchase are as follows:


  • Who has jurisdiction?

  • Will the project need a conditional use permit, site plan or tentative tract map?

  • Will the project comply with the general plan?

  • Will the existing zoning permit your project?

  • Zoning code requirements.

  • What environmental issues need to be addressed?

  • Review preliminary title report.

  • Who are the utility companies that will service your project?

  • Soils and geology.

  • Are any public street, drainage or other improvements involved?

  • Dedication requirements.

  • What are the fire department requirements.

  • Fees and assessments

  • Site inspection by the civil engineer/land planner.

  • Preliminary cost estimates.

All these service can be provided by McDermott Engineering in a timely and professional manner. A list of past projects is as follows:



Yolo Mobilehome Estates

Yolo County, CA

163 Unit Development

Aegean Gardens

Sacramento, CA

237 Unit Development

Calexico Estates

Calexico, CA

454 Unit Development

Canyon View Estates

Napa, CA

224 Unit Development

Cypress Gardens

Delano, CA

99 Unit Development

El Capitan Mobile Estates

Merced, CA

117 Unit Development

Friendly Village


500 Unit Development

Friendly Village

Lockport, NY

300 Unit Development

Friendly Village


150 Unit Development

Friendly Village


600 Unit Development

Friendly Village


200 Unit Development

Glenbrook Estates

Loomis, CA

118 Unit Development

The Meadows

Albuquerque, NM

300 Unit Development

The Meadows

Cheyenne, WY

400 Unit Development

The Meadows

Irvine, CA

360 Unit Development

The Meadows

Las Vegas, NV

400 Unit Development

The Meadows

Longmont, CO

350 Unit Development

The Meadows

Pittsburgh, PA

350 Unit Development

The Meadows

Pueblo, CO

388 Unit Development

The Meadows

Riverside, CA

350 Unit Development

The Meadows

Sacramento, CA

300 Unit Development

The Meadows

Tempe, AZ

400 Unit Development

Hercules Estates

Hercules, CA

749 Unit Development

Los Gatos Estates

Los Gatos, CA

77 Unit Development

The Meadows

Reno, NV

475 Unit Development

The Meadows

Roseville, CA

269 Unit Development

Meadows II

San Jose, CA

484 Unit Development

Morton & Pitalo

Sacramento, CA

100 Unit Development

Mountain View

Santa Monica, CA

105 Unit Development

Pacific Sunset

Anaheim, CA

149 Unit Development

Ponderosa Pines

Grass Valley, CA

141 Unit Development

Rancho Ventura

Ventura, CA

106 Unit Development

Rollingwood Estates

Jackson, CA

152 Unit Development

Shadowbrook Estates

Manteca, CA

642 Unit Development

Shady Lane MHP

Thermal, CA

110 Unit Development

Stockton Estates

Stockton, CA

220 Unit Development


Camarillo, CA

275 Unit Development


Corona, CA

3 Space addition

Concord, CA

14 Space addition

Castaic, CA

30 Space addition

Temecula, CA


Desert Hot Springs, CA


Loomis, CA

17 SPACES - Planning/CUP

Redondo Beach, CA


29 Palms, CA

40+/- Space addition

Rialto, CA

7 Space addition

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

20 Space addition

Stanton, CA

4 Space addition


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